Dr. Khosla’s Dental Clinic is one of the oldest and most well respected multi-specialty dental centres. Established in 1968, we take pride in having provided excellent dental care to tens of thousands of patients. Apart from using the latest materials and state-of-the-art technology, we believe in treating our patients with empathy and care.

Dr Khosla with Dental Patient


  • Fillings – mercury free, tooth coloured esthetic fillings
  • Root canal treatment – pain free root canals, single sitting root canals, laser disinfection.
  • Crown and bridge work –all- ceramic crowns, metal-free crowns and bridges for superior esthetics and strength.
  • Smile design – veneers, componeers, cosmetic reshaping, treatment of gummy smile
  •  Tooth whitening – whiter smile in an hour using lasers
  • Dental implants – single tooth replacement, replacement of multiple teeth/all teeth.
  • Orthodontics- metallic braces, ceramic/transparent braces, lingual braces, invisible braces
  •  Scaling, periodontal/ gum surgeries, treatment for receeding gums, laser surgery, treatment for dark/pigmented gums
  • Dentures – partial/ complete dentures, flexible dentures, cast-metal dentures
  • Oral surgical procedures – painless tooth removal/extraction, wisdom tooth removal
  • Children’s dentistry – preventive dentistry, sealants, habit breakers, fluoride therapy
  • Digital xrays, panoramic/full mouth xrays.


Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities at Dr. Khosla’s Dental Clinic. We follow stringent sterilization protocols at all our clinics. This is in compliance with the sterilization and disinfection guidelines laid down by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the ADA (American Dental Association). Controlling bacterial contamination through sterilization is the most essential component in the infection control process and is vital to the safety of our patients.

  • All instruments are washed and sterilized by using steam under pressure (autoclave), wrapped in a sealed sterile protective covering until the next use.
  • A high-level disinfectant spray (Bacilol) is used to clean all non-autoclavable surfaces such as dental chair, spittoon, heat sensitive materials etc
  • To minimize/prevent cross-contamination, we use disposables items like gloves, masks, suction tips, glasses, etc.


Our Team

“Beautiful smiles are a team effort”
Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals with an average 20 to 30 years of clinical experience. Specialists include

  • Orthodontists (braces),
  • Endodontists (root canals, cosmetic dentistry)
  • Periodontists and Implantologist (gum surgeries, implants),
  • Prosthodontists ( dentures, crowns and bridges)
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • Pedodontists (child specialists)

Our team of specialists is always available for consultation over email/telephone. With centres in New Delhi and Gurgaon and a full-time team of consultants, we ensure that your dental care needs will be attended to promptly and efficiently.

Inhouse laboratory:

Our fully equipped inhouse laboratory combines the latest materials and state-of-the-art technology. This ensures that the final product our patients receive (crowns, bridges, dentures, appliances etc) are of the highest quality. We have full time laboratory technicians and staff who have been extensively trained in all the latest techniques.